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George Elmy update for weekending September 26th  2009.

This week we had the official launch of our project. This was held at New Seaham Conservative Club, Station Road.  The event was well attended and included members of local emergency services, youth groups, schools and local parish councils.  Mr D. Glover read a message from our Hon President Lord Londonderry. Speakers being the Mayor of Seaham Mrs J. Bell, Mr D. Guy, Hon. Vice President of the project, Mr B. Myers Chairman Durham County Council, Mr J. Cummins MP, Mr. P. Maddison of the City Of Adelaide group Sunderland. Mr F Crowell boat builder and Mr. B. Scollen of the group.

We have this week received a full General Arrangement Drawing of the boat; this will greatly assist the boat builder and us. We have also had donated the plaque which was on the whale back of the George Elmy before the disaster. A full condition report from Mr. Fred Crowell with costing for the restoration.

  •  Donations this week,

    • An anonymous donation by a local businessman £4,500,

    • The Chairman of Murton Parish council Mrs J. Maitland £100

    • a member of City of Adelaide Group £200,

    • Mr. Bob Williams of Blackhall £250

    • Tracy Unwin £10

    • Jean Armfield £20.

Thank you one and all.


George Elmy update for weekending  September 5th 2009

Update for George Elmy Restoration Project

I am delighted to inform you that Lord Londonderry, the 9th Marquis of Londonderry has agreed to be our Hon. President. While being unable to attend all meetings I am sure he will be with us in mind. He remembers the naming ceremony by his mother very well. He has also sent a very generous donation for which we are grateful.
Mr. David Guy, President of the Durham Miners Association has also agreed to be one of our Hon. Vice Presidents.

All of the primary  schools in Seaham have been  visited, they have been asked to back our project, all have given their full support. The interest shown at all schools confirms the need for this project.

The running total of names for our petition of support are well in excess of 500.
The running total for monies, excluding the purchase price of the boat now stands at over £2000, this means that since the 15th May 2009 we have raised over £4000. Many thanks to all who have donated.

On Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at New Seaham Cons. Club, we will have the launch of the George Elmy Restoration Project. Representatives of all local emergency service will be in attendance also members of County and Local Councils.

This event starts at 7-30pm, where there will be displays of images of lifeboats, also memorabilia from past boats.

Brian Scollen




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