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This memorial is to commemorate the bravery of the five lifeboat men who lost their lives when, in the stormy seas on  November 17th 1962, the Seaham lifeboat George Elmy capsized with the loss of it's crew.

Arthur Brown

James Farrington

Frederick Gippert
Second Coxswain,

Arthur L. Brown

John Miller

and all but one of the crew of the fishing cobble Economy, to whose aid the courageous men had gone:


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John, 15:13)

Since the beginning of May we have been trying to return the George Elmy to Seaham.
Seaham Town Council were informed of the impending sale of the George Elmy and given every opportunity to purchase
but failed to do so. With the backing of Seaham Heritage Group, (the earthbound arm of East-Durham.co.uk) and a loan from Tommy Smith, I decided to go ahead with the purchase of the lifeboat which had played such a huge if sad part in the history of our town.
On the 11th May
I made contact with Mr Gerry Hillman of Ambenwood, Exmouth and agreed a price of one thousand nine hundred pounds for the supply and delivery of the George Elmy. This we thought a very good offer and proceeded with the purchase. The lifeboat was delivered to Seaham at 5.40 pm on Friday 15th of May, much to the delight of ourselves and the many Seaham people who turned out for the occasion.
With donations from Seaham Coast Guard, East Durham Heritage Group, expats from America and France plus donations left by members of the public of Seaham at Meat Mart and Brooks Fish shop in Church Street we have reached approximately
75% of our target.

Many thanks to the people of SEAHAM.
We have also held talks with Lisa Jordan, Regeneration Co-Coordinator; Lynsey Garraghan, Community Officer; Niall Benson, Heritage Coast Project Officer and Norman Conn, North Dock Development Officer. All of these people have given sound advice and help, for which we thank them very much.
Last but not least we owe a massive thank you to Seaham Harbour Dock Company for allowing us to have the use of the space to store the George Elmy.
We hope to publish an update every week so please
watch this space.

Brian Scollen


We have started on a long journey with this project but with the help and support of the townspeople of Seaham we hope to have it completed before November 2012.
We hope to publish an update every week so please watch this space.
Brian Scollen for East Durham Heritage Group

Please donate to the George Elmy Restoration Fund

(East-Durham Heritage Group)

Your help would be greatly appreciated


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